black, white on fucsia

short short dress

Another dress I will never wear as a dress. Maybe as a tunic, but I doubt it. Too much leg for the first one and too preggers-like for the second one.

Even though I saw some dresses..(wink,wink- Miu Miu, Maison Margiela..)- OMG how short they were..


~ by wearitlikethat on April 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “black, white on fucsia”

  1. Thanks for the comment~ lol you’re so jokey.
    Anyway now i want to say, I WANT YOUR PURPLE ANKLE BOOTS! omg they’re drop dead gorgeous. *blink*
    Btw, why never wear as a dress? i thought it looked absolutely fine from your picture as well as the ruffle one from your previous post:)

  2. love the black white and fuscia! ador!

  3. My job is one of those places that makes you adopt the defensive dressing policy.Anything as long nobody notices you….Hihi…and a dress would be a killer. But this is just a foolish reason, I never felt confortable wearing dressing.
    And the purple shoes..I don’t remember exactly, most likely some sale on the net.
    And thank you so much for checking it!

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