short pants

high waisted

I think this is the best variant of the high waisted pants/skirts. At least for me. I’ve seen them worn with very simple things as tops.What do you think? What are you guys wearing with the high waisted items?

PS Sorry , I should’ve ironed the pants,but I am lazy…


~ by wearitlikethat on April 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “short pants”

  1. Thanks for the suggestion~
    I think i really like ur high waist pants, except that i would hope the tie would be thicker and fluffier.. get what i mean? And for the second time, great shoes u’ve got, goes really well complementaring ur outfit.

  2. You are right about the tie…I will iron them to make the tie wider..see what I get.
    Thank you for the shoes

  3. So far, I have not worn any high-waisted bottoms yet. I do have dresses where the bottom fabric is done in a contrasting color so that it looks high-waisted though. For your pants, I would probably wear it with a fitting long-sleeve top though. Just a thought.

    Love your shoes!

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