lace anybody?


This is the closest I can come to the Prada lace crazyness for now.An old short wife beater with lace on one of the shoulders that I bought on some random sale a couple of years ago.  I mean, I saw a lot of lace dresses ( e.g. Newport News and all) but I do not think lace is flattering.It clings to every cell of fat on your hips and ,up to now, I haven’t seen an all-lace dress that isn’t tacky. Maybe if styled with more serious pieces… But it is not my domain.

So I will start hunting for lace dresses that look fierce. For now only on the net. Then I will see them in H&M and Zara. Maybe I’ll change my mind.


~ by wearitlikethat on April 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “lace anybody?”

  1. Yes…I thought the same when I saw the models

  2. Ooh I like it, lace can be difficult. Though I do love those loose vintage lace dresses, they look damn classy.

  3. Ooo beautiful! You’ve just inspired me to do a lace-themed post for my next blog feature!

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