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black ruffles dress

Definitely not my piece of pie..But I’ve got this on sale and I thought I should wear it once, at least in front of my camera. I don’t think it will ever leave the house.

What do you think?

My question: what should I style it with? A wide belt would be nice, I tried a couple and the dress looks interesting, however I do not have any belt that matches my shoes. This is typical for me, i bought an enormous amount of wide belts  without thinking about the shoes I should coordinate them with.


Old Balenciaga jodhpurs

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I’ve got a pair with a nice snug cuffed ankle, unfortunately white ( not the best color to wear , it shows my panties…that’s why). They are not Balenciaga, of course, I bought them from a discount store ( Daffy’s).

A couple of weeks later, while looking for gladiator sandals i found a nice pair of black ones ,by the same designer ( Patrizia Pepe) and even though i know they do not work wonders with my wide feet I couldn’t refrain myself from buying them. Mainly because I think that everybody will wear the ones that Nine West has (3-4 types) and I do not want to be in an uniform.

so here is the combination ( like 2 seasons later, no?).

Should I wear it like that? Or not at all? Or with something else?

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I just want you to tell me if I’m not crossing the line, you know?  Like a good friend would do..” you are not wearing THAT..”. Just be true to yourself,I am tired of blogs where everybody is looking cute.I am not cute. Niether fierce . I guess just plain boring and this blog is going to be my playground far away from safe.